Real Estate Transactions

Cypress Title’s primary business is coordinating the real estate loan closing (or “settlement”) process for individual and commercial clients. Our services relate to pursuing or obtaining:

  • An Abstract – A copy of all recorded (legal) documents affecting the title to a particular piece of land  
  • A Title Exam – Expert review of the documents in the chain of title, in order to reach a conclusion as to the status of the title
  • A Title Opinion – The conclusion and judgment regarding the status of a title, made by a skilled professional
  • Title Insurance – Protection against loss from defects in or liens against a title
  • An Escrow Agreement – Holding assets—including money and documents—owed to another party in a real estate transaction until all the conditions of the transaction have been met 
  • A 1031 Exchange – A special transaction under which properties exchanged and capital gains or losses (and any resulting capital gains taxes) are deferred 
  • Property Sales and Trades – The contractual (transfer of ownership) aspects of real estate transactions

Have a question about our services or what these terms mean? Email us or check out the glossary and FAQ.